14+ Pics That Show Australian Shepherds Are The Best Dogs

These dogs have wonderful character! They are very calm and level-headed. They behave with restraint and caution with strangers, but they never show shyness or aggression. Agile, curious, full of enthusiasm and love of life, they, of course, are not couch potatoes. However, sometimes they like to be house dogs, curled up at your feet or dozing with their heads in your lap. Australian Shepherds are very dedicated to their families and will never change that friendship. In addition, they absorb all information surprisingly quickly and therefore are quite easy to train.

#1 Aussies are very friendly and easily find a common language both with their relatives during walks and with other domestic animals – be it a cat or a hamster, a cow or a domestic goose.

#2 The dog behaves well at exhibitions among the barking brethren, on the street and at home.

#3 The Australian Shepherd is never the first to bully, but in case of unfriendly behavior of relatives, as well as in case of a threat to the owner or family members, it will always be able to give a worthy rebuff.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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