14+ Pics That Show Chihuahuas Are The Best Dogs

All Chihuahuas are different and the same at the same time. They are similar in their egocentrism and perseverance. And they insist to always be with the owner, they will always get confused under your feet – be prepared for this. And if you decide to switch to your guests, she will be desperate. But when the Chihuahua finally gets to know your friends and recognizes them, he will immediately change his attitude towards guests to an affectionate one. It only takes time – it may take a few days or more.

#1 An adult Chihuahua doesn’t need a lot of room to keep up. Small bedding fits even in a small apartment.

#2 The main advantage of miniature breeds is that they are eaten in small portions, and for a dog you do not need to cook a whole bucket of porridge.

#3 There is no need for long walks. The dog only needs twenty minutes.

If the streets are too cold, there is heavy snow, rain, hail, or after a hard day's work you absolutely do not want to go outside, you can just play with your beloved pet, leave the toy from room to room, after ten minutes of active play, the dog will satisfy its physical needs.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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