14+ Historical Facts About Australian Cattle Dogs You Might Not Know

From the name, it is clear, both the professional purpose of the dog and the fact that the native breed in Australia, where this breed was bred in the 19th century. Australian herding dogs are very hardy and reliable, have excellent watchdog qualities.

#1 It is believed that the blue healer appeared in the 19th century, while Australian farmers need an assistant and a guard to drive cows and sheep through the endless fields of the country.

#2 A farmer named Timmins crossed between short-haired collies and wild dingo dogs. The result of this work was a new breed, which was later improved by adding the blood of Kelpies and Dalmatians to it.

#3 The dogs turned out to be excellent workers, but while Thomas Hall was alive, he did not want to distribute them outside his farm, which gave him significant advantages over other farmers.

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