14+ Facts About Raising and Training Australian Cattle Dogs

The Australian Cattle Dog, despite its temperament and instincts, is easy to train and train. The dog wants to be constantly liked by its owner. And if you want to take a course of obedience training or general training with her, the Australian healer will do it quite willingly. Therefore, by properly organizing classes and distributing the loads, you will get a calm and balanced dog. But do not forget the firmness of character and perseverance, at first, it is not easy to raise a dog with an admixture of wild Australian dingo blood.

#1 It is not advisable to take a working dog as the first, and especially an Australian shepherd, if you cannot channel its energy and instincts in the right direction, there can be big problems.

#2 For example: the reflex to bite cows by the heel is so strong that sometimes, Australian healers (in the absence of proper education or dominant behavior) transfer this habit to people.

#3 However, no matter how badly the healer’s puppy behaves, the main principle of raising these dogs is the impossibility of using violence.

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