12+ Reasons Why French Bulldogs are the Best Dogs Ever

Unlike most other Molossians, French Bulldogs are not very large. But it would be wrong to consider them a frivolous or, even more so, a decorative breed. Indeed, despite their small stature and good-natured appearance, the “French” are quite strong, and their character contains features characteristic of their ancestors – real pickling dogs, which were used to hunt large game.

#1 French Bulldogs are psychologists by nature, they have a subtle sense of the owner’s mood and understand the peculiarities of family relationships.

#2 If everyone is busy with business, the dog will patiently wait for attention to be paid to him, he will not be capricious and annoyed.

#3 The French Bulldog indicates such qualities as sociability and cheerfulness, unobtrusiveness, poise.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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