12+ Reasons Why Cani Corsi are the Best Dogs Ever

These powerful dogs are excellent guards. They very clearly define their territory and family for themselves and protect them from the encroachments of strangers. At the same time, they are not inclined to show aggression without objective reasons and the appropriate command of the owner. They are very restrained, patient, and friendly towards children and other pets, including cats, if they grew up with them since childhood. Dogs of this breed are very difficult to tolerate separation from the owner. Cane Corso is very sensitive to the approach of danger and instantly reacts to aggression towards their family.

#1 The nature of Cane Corso is quite good and balanced by nature, but with age they need to be trained, to direct their potential in the right direction.

#2 Despite its rather vicious and threatening appearance, the breed is not subject to sudden and unreasonable aggression.

#3 They do not attack without reason, however, they never let out of sight strangers who communicate with members of his family.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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