12+ Reasons Why Wire Fox Terriers are the Best Dogs Ever

Wirehaired Fox Terriers are very upbeat and won’t just lie in your backyard. They love very much when they are given a task, and they themselves try to please their owners. By nature, they love to dig, and they can do it, especially when they are bored. They are most suitable for families who want to involve their pet in active games.

Wire-haired fox terriers can alert the owner when a stranger approaches. These dogs are easily trainable and are encouraged to take training courses to curb their strong hunting instinct. They can learn to get along with other pets, but males can be aggressive towards other males.

#1 Wirehaired Fox Terriers are born leaders.

The owner's task is to prevent the dog from taking a high position in the household hierarchy.

#2 When choosing a fox terrier as a pet, remember that the dog has hunting roots.

Therefore, the habit of hunting cats and other small animals is inherent in her at the level of instincts.

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Written by Mary Allen

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