12 Dog Halloween Costume Ideas For Rat Terriers

The Rat Terrier is an energetic, curious, playful, hardworking, and adaptable dog. He is a friendly dog who loves people and generally gets along with everyone, although he is very shy around strangers at first. He is a very good watchdog, being very protective and quick to raise the alarm when intruders approach.

#1 He is an affectionate family dog ​​who loves to kiss.

With his barking, he usually only wants to warn you.

#2 He will follow you like a shadow and settle into your lap to take a nap.

He prefers to communicate with you using his paws or just grumble from himself. He can be very communicative and demanding when he wants your attention.

#3 He is both a pet and a fearless and hard working dog, always ready to hunt or play when called.

As a general rule, the Rat Terrier is friendly and curious about other dogs and gets along with pets, including cats.

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