6 Best Dog Halloween Costume Ideas For Portuguese Water Dogs

The Portuguese Water Dog is an affable and pleasant companion dog. He loves the water and needs a lot of exercise and activity. The breed is rather rare in this country, but is enjoying increasing popularity: we are talking about the Portuguese water dog or Cão de Água Português.

Many years ago the Portuguese Water Dog was a common sight along the coast of Portugal. Today the breed is only found on traditional fisheries in its original home in the Algarve province, where it is still used as a water dog. As a fisherman’s dog, he had the task of guarding the boats and the catch and rendered valuable services related to fishing.

#1 As a result of modernization, the breed was no longer needed for conventional operations and the Portuguese water dog became a rare species.

It is still not very common today but became better known when a representative moved into the White House with the presidential family in 2009. In Portugal, the water dog - or Cão de Agua Português - has a national status.

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