12 Adorable Halloween Costumes For Papillons

Lovers describe the Papillon as an ideal companion dog:

The small dog breed is intelligent, cheerful, and spirited. At the same time, Papillons are gentle and cuddly dogs with surprising empathy. The attentive four-legged friend does not lack strong self-confidence either.

The Papillon shows a strong need for support and likes to be pampered.

The butterfly dog tends to be reserved towards strangers.

Despite his apparently fragile stature, he is a robust and active dog, and even long hikes do not cause any difficulties.

UNSMOOTHED: Occasionally the temperament of the small dog tends to jealousy or short barks. Since Papillons can also be very affectionate, you should be the type who can easily handle this not-entirely unproblematic combination.

#1 The connection to family life is an important need for the Papillon.

If you do not want to encourage any negative developments, you and your family should integrate your butterfly dog as a full family member and socialize it accordingly:

Papillons are usually relatively easy to train and fond of children.

If you bring your papillon into contact with other animals at an early stage and let them get used to each other, you can usually keep them with other pets (e.g. cats) without any problems. Since he loves company, you can also keep him with other dogs of his or other breeds without any problems.

The small dog always shows a lively and attentive interaction with its environment. Do not inhibit this healthy tendency to be curious and offer the lively dog enough opportunities to live it out.

#2 Papillons also get along well with all living conditions, as long as you meet their need for enough exercise and exercise. If you live in a big city, keeping it should be relatively easy.

#3 Your papillon’s fur needs intensive care.

Repeated brushing within a week should be there. If such grooming is too time-consuming for you, you should reconsider whether a Papillon is a right dog for you.

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