12 Best Neapolitan Mastiff Tattoo Ideas & Designs That Will Inspire You

The Neapolitan Mastiff dates back a long way! Mastiff-type dogs date back about 5,000 years, so this pup could be that old! Over the years, travelers with their large guarding Mastiff by their side spread the goodness of the Mastiff across Europe, such as the English Mastiff or the French Mastiff.

For the history buffs out there, this pooch resembles the mastiffs of Epirus who accompanied the Roman consul Paulo Emilio. He is believed to be a descendant of these dogs.

Many breed friends call this guy Neo or Mastino for short. This type was developed in southern Italy, specifically in the Naples area. He was developed into a large farm laborer capable of pulling heavy carts to give his owner a helping paw.

Below you will find the 12 best Neapolitan Mastiff dog tattoos:

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