10 Best English Mastiff Tattoo Ideas & Designs That Will Inspire You

Mastiffs are a breed that requires very little grooming. Her short hair only needs brushing once a week and bathing once a month. They lose their hair and many drools quite a lot. When it comes to exercise, most Mastiffs love to just lie there and watch you move. However, no matter how big or small their plot, they need and enjoy a half-hour walk a day. They don’t really tolerate warm weather, so the walk should be early in the morning or late in the evening when it’s still fresh.

Mastiffs need a lot of food when they are young and still growing and less when they are fully grown. A fully grown Mastiff will not eat much more than an adult German Shepherd. There must always be fresh, cool water available in a wide, stable, and most lucrative container.

Mastiffs tend to be healthy dogs and responsible breeders work to ensure the long-term health of the puppy you buy. However, as with most dogs, problems can arise. Large breeds are fast growers and can suffer from bone disorders. Mastiffs can have eye problems and some get gas easily. If you are short-listing a Mastiff then talk to as many breeders as possible and your veterinarian about the breed.

Below you will find the 10 best English Mastiff dog tattoos:

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