10 Tips To Get Rid Of Golden Retriever Smell

It’s something that all dog owners hate to admit, but our dear little or big friends can get really stinky sometimes. You need to know that Golden Retrievers develop more of their own smell than other dog breeds. But your goldie doesn’t have to be smelly, there are ways to get rid of the strong odor.

Of course, this does not mean that you should wash your dog and perfume him every day. Because if a dog completely loses its own smell, it can cause other problems. So don’t implement all of the tips below at the same time.

Troubled Golden Retriever owners have tried a number of things to get rid of the strong odor. Here are the tips and things you should definitely try out.

Home remedies or a visit to the vet?

Only in very exceptional cases do you have to go to the vet because of your Golden Retriever’s musty odor. But you should pay attention to a few things.

First things first, and that means finding out where the smell is coming from.

You may notice it coming from your dog’s mouth, ears, or his feces. Any of the three possibilities mentioned can be health-related and should be checked by a veterinarian.

Because in the case of health – perhaps very serious – problems, it makes little sense to use home remedies. That would be like putting a band-aid on a broken arm. So you should rule out that possibility. But a serious illness is rarely the cause when your dog stinks.

If your Golden Retriever’s odor is coming from its fur, you don’t need to go to the vet right away and should try the following tips. Because home remedies can be very helpful with fur smell.

Of course, the following 10 tips are not only suitable for Golden Retrievers, but also for other dog breeds. However, the Golden Retriever is particularly affected by the strong smell of fur.

#1 First determine the cause of the problem

Go straight to the source and find the exact area on your dog that is smelling. Next, you should try a special oatmeal shampoo (extract of oats) and a bath. This will help get rid of any dirt that has recently settled on the fur.

Never use human shampoo, use dog shampoo.

A dirty coat is often the reason for your smelly dog.

It now sounds like this issue can be fixed in a day. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you there. The problem is often more stubborn or cannot be solved with a single bath.

#2 Try different shampoos

Dogs are also sensitive to some shampoos and don't tolerate them very well. And each shampoo is composed a little differently. So if your previous shampoo didn't help, then unfortunately you'll have to try it out.

There are various oatmeal shampoos that you can buy on Amazon, among others.

There is also a lightly scented dog shampoo. Then your dog will smell even better. However, you should watch your dog closely to see if he feels disturbed by the smell and reacts irritated. Then you should rather choose an unscented shampoo.

#3 Comb your golden retriever more often

If you bathe your golden retriever on a regular basis and the smell keeps coming back, you should also try combing your dog more often.

They should brush through the thick coat and comb out loose hair every 1-2 days. This will prevent dirt from getting deposited there. There are extra brushes for long-haired fur so that you can also get the dead hair out of the undercoat, e.g. a brush for your Goldie's undercoat.

Some dog owners swear by brushing gloves. Stroke and comb at the same time. This can be done with a grooming glove, among other things.

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