Do Horses Copy Human Behavior?

Horses are good observers and learn quickly.

A current study by the Nurtingen-Geislingen University of Applied Sciences shows that every horse has its own observation and learning system. Most just figure out where to snag their favorite treats by observing, and then figure out how to open the stash themselves. Some looked even more closely during the experiment and adapted to the human action to open the feeding box. Few even tried to copy man exactly: if he used his head to open the box, the horses used their mouths, man opened the box with his foot, the horse used its hoof.

Frequently Asked Question

Can a horse think?

Researchers have discovered the amazing abilities of horses in several studies. These highly evolved animals can think abstractly or correctly interpret human facial expressions. Horses are afraid of puddles, open umbrellas, bushes, and strollers.

How does a horse say hello?

Among adult horses, the growl represents a happy greeting. Many horses also use this sound to say “hello” in a friendly way to people who are friends of theirs. The situation is more serious, however, when a shrill squeak sounds.

What does it mean when a horse nudges you?

A light nudge, which is NOT a nudge, can also mean that the horse wants to be scratched, but even then it is a sign that the horse is of a higher rank. The horse signals you with the rubbing and nudging that you are inferior in rank!

How does a horse show affection?

For example, if horses often graze head to head, this is considered a sign of affection. In addition, researchers pay attention to which horses scratch each other when grooming and who greets each other in a friendly manner. What riders learn from animal behavior: Small gestures can be big tokens of love for horses.

How does a dominant horse behave?

For example, your horse may turn away from you, snap at you, or even kick you if the negative pressure gets too high. Dominant horses are also reluctant to leave their herd, so going out without a mate can become a real power struggle.

What not to do with a horse?

Don’t let your horse push you away or pull you around. You decide the way. It is important that your horse is aware of where you are and that it does not jump on you, even when it is frightened. Don’t hold the rope too close to the horse’s head, hold it about 5 feet away and let it slack.

Is a horse bored?

Grooming, riding, lunging, or groundwork as well as other activities distract the horse from boredom, but some horses tend to be bored and the related bad habits such as weaving, clipping, nibbling, or box walking.

Where do horses like to be petted?

On the legs, the elbows in particular are a popular crawl zone. There it is a good idea to gently stroke the little hairy areas and skin folds with your fingertips. The inside of the lower legs are also pleasant petting zones and can be pampered by scratching or stroking.

What does it mean when a horse snorts?

When horses snort while working under the rider or lunging, it is a sign of relaxation and well-being. The four-legged friends are content and calm, which is shown by the snort sounding long and less alarmed.

What does it mean when a horse yawns?

Horses yawn (or flehm) mainly in connection with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: colic and stomach ulcers. Frequent yawning without cause and in the box can indicate inflammatory processes in the gastric mucosa and should therefore be taken seriously.

What fascinates us about horses?

power and beauty

Horses are far superior to us in many ways. Their speed, strength, and endurance also helped people to what they are today. Despite its strength, the horse is willing to put up with humans and, if treated correctly, willingly cope with tasks given to it.

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