10 Places All Cats Love

Cats sometimes choose the most unusual places to sleep. But there are also many “classic” places that are popular with almost all cats. We introduce you to 10 favorite places for cats and tell you how you can easily make your cat happy.

Most cats don’t just have one favorite spot. They sleep in many different places and keep changing. Most cats’ favorite spots meet at least one of these criteria:

  • The cat has a good view/overview from the spot.
  • The cat can crawl/hide somewhere.
  • The cat feels safe and secure.
  • The cat is particularly warm and cozy.

If a spot meets one of these criteria, the cat is likely to choose that spot as one of its favorite spots. Here are the top 10 cat berths!

Elevated Viewpoints

Cats love to be in control. That’s why many house tigers prefer elevated vantage points as places to lie down and sleep: the highest point of the scratching post, the top of a cupboard, or the window sill are all cats like to occupy. Outside, they also like to sit on trees, climbing frames, car roofs, railings, or fences – preferences vary, but a good overview is always important.

Tip: You can deliberately provide your cat with higher-lying places in the apartment. For example, there are systems for the wall that cats can climb around and into which sleeping places can also be integrated.


As soon as the wardrobe is open for a moment, the cat jumps in – this situation probably sounds familiar to many cat owners.

On the one hand, a closet is a place that is not always open and accessible to the cat. Therefore, of course, it is all the more interesting for the cat. In addition, cats love to crawl into hiding and a wardrobe is particularly cozy due to all the clothes.

Caution: before you close your closet (or drawers) again, check if your cat is still lying somewhere in it. Because even if she likes the closet, of course, she doesn’t want to be locked up in it.

The Window Seat

Most cats love observing everything that is going on outside from the window. Therefore, many cats choose the window sill as a lying surface. Cats also like to sit down in front of floor-to-ceiling windows in order to look outside from there.

If you have a windowsill in your home, maybe clear a small part of it for the cat to make himself comfortable there. You can also put a pillow or basket in front of a window – the cat will most likely accept it gratefully.


Cats are real sun worshipers and lovers of warmth. Places, where it is nice and warm and cozy, are therefore particularly popular with many cats. And what is better than heating? Some cats lie down directly on the radiator, others choose the window sill above it.

There are also special cat beds that can be attached to radiators. If your cat is a fan of heating, this might be a sensible investment.

Bed and Sofa

A classic but favorite place for cats: the human bed. It is cozy there and the cat is very close to its human. But not all cat owners like it when the cat sleeps in their own bed – either because of all the cat hair or because they can’t sleep so well with a cat in the bed themselves. Because even if cats are small, they usually manage to lie down in bed in such a way that humans no longer fit properly.

The most important thing here is consistency and consistency: either you always allow the cat to sleep in the bed or never. The cat will neither understand nor accept back and forth.

The sofa is also a classic and popular place to sleep for cats – the cat usually chooses exactly the spot where humans also prefer to sit. Cats know what’s cozy! In addition, the cats on the sofa are particularly close to their humans.

Many cats particularly like to lie between the sofa cushions, while others prefer to lie on one – every cat has different preferences. But almost all cats like the sofa itself.

Boxes and Caves

The love between cats and boxes is well known to most cat owners. No matter how big the box is, the cat will want to lie down in it. Cats love the feeling of security, of being protected from all sides. That’s why many house tigers like boxes.

For the same reason, caves of all kinds are very popular with many cats: most cats like a place where they can crawl and hide.

Tip: Do your cat a favor and just put a box in front of it from time to time. You can also build a small den for her yourself using blankets and pillows. She will certainly explore them with joy and very large pupils.

Laundry Basket

The laundry basket is similar to cardboard boxes: due to their shape, they give many cats a feeling of security. But what is also added here: A lot of clothes in one pile! And the laundry in it also smells like your favorite person! What more could a cat want?

By the way, cats don’t care whether the laundry has already been washed or not! In fact, “dirty” laundry is often preferred because it carries the scent of humans—perhaps a bit gross for some humans, but jackpot for many cats!

Dining Chair

Many cats like to make themselves comfortable on the dining room chair. They especially like it when the chair is pushed under the table. This may be because they feel particularly protected and secure. In addition, the cats are close to their humans at the dining table.

Womb of Man

The lap of the owner is one of the favorite places of many cats. No matter where he is sitting, many cats love to lie down on his legs or stomach, some even on his shoulders. Cat owners also enjoy the company of their cats. What could be nicer than relaxing with a purring cat on your lap?

However, there are also cats that do not like to lie down on their human. Every cat has different preferences. But that doesn’t mean she loves you any less.

Cool Places in Summer

In summer, cats often look for cool places. There are various options here, e.g. soil – whether in a flower pot inside or in a bed outside. It doesn’t heat up that much, so it cools you down. Many cats also use washbasins, showers, or bathtubs as lying places in summer, because this material also always remains relatively cool. If the cat doesn’t have any of this, then it simply falls back on the cool tiled floor and stretches out very broadly.

Tip: To help the cat in the summer, make sure it has some space to cool off.

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