10 Gross Things All Cats Love

Cats are considered to be particularly clean. Still, they do some things that are actually pretty gross. We have compiled the 10 worst.

Cat lovers love all velvet paws. No wonder, since they all have wonderfully soft, clean fur and know exactly how to wrap us, humans, around their little fingers. But even cats do some things that are a bit gross. But: Cats are fantastic, unique, and just great – you can easily overlook such small things.

Top 10 Most Disgusting Things Cats Do

From relatively harmless to downright gross, almost all cats do these things.

10th Place: Distribute Cat Litter Throughout the Apartment

Hygiene around the litter box is very important for cats. No cat likes going to a dirty toilet. In the worst case, the cat even refuses to go to the toilet and becomes unclean. On the other hand, scratching the litter out of the litter box and spreading it all over the apartment doesn’t bother cats at all.

Tip: A litter box with high walls and a mat in front of the litter box can help.

9th Place: Smelling Smelly Shoes

Cats are naturally curious. With the street shoes, you bring foreign smells into the apartment – no wonder that cats find that exciting. The more intense the smell of the shoes, the more cats seem to be happy about them. For some cats, smelly shoes have an intoxicating effect similar to that of catnip.

Tip: House cats also need to be dewormed regularly. Parasite eggs can enter the home through clothing and shoes.

8th Place: Sleep in the Dirty Laundry

Worn shirts, underwear, and socks: cats really enjoy a nap in the dirty laundry. They don’t find it disgusting at all, quite the opposite. The worn laundry smells particularly intensely of the loved one and is a comfortable and safe cat bed.

Tip: Cats also like to lie down on dirty laundry in the washing machine. Before closing and starting the machine, always check if the cat is inside.

7th Place: Drink From the Toilet

Cats don’t drink much by nature, but many cat owners catch their house cat drinking from the toilet with a flushing device. However, it is better to prevent this and definitely close the toilet lid in the cat household.

Tip: To encourage the cat to drink, a drinking fountain and water bowl that are not near the feeding place are suitable.

6th Place: Sniffing Other Cats’ Butts

In addition to their body language, cats also communicate with each other through scents. So it’s not uncommon for cats to sniff each other’s anus. Here you will receive exciting information about the sex and health of your fellow animal. That’s why they sometimes like to stick their bottom in our faces, too.

5th Place: Sit With Your Butt Right On the Plate

Cats always want to be the center of attention. Of course, preferably on the dining table. As soon as you have set the table, it quickly happens that the cat places its behind directly on the fresh plate.

4th Place: Sniffing the Sweaty Armpits of Her Human

Cats are also particularly fond of human sweat glands. So they prefer to sniff in the crook of your arm when you have sweated more. Some cats even start licking their human there. However, this should be prevented if you have applied a chemical deodorant.

3rd Place: Lick the Buttocks With Your Tongue

Cats are very clean animals. The whole body is licked with the rough tongue and kept clean. Of course also the anal region. A cat that is cleaning itself should never be disturbed.

When cats neglect their personal hygiene, it is always a signal that something is wrong. Older cats in particular have pain when moving and thus stop cleaning certain parts of their body.

2nd Place: Lick the Human With the Same Tongue Afterwards

New cats are often surprised when the cat, which may have just licked its butt, suddenly starts licking the human. But that is actually a real token of love. Although cat saliva can contain bacteria that cause skin infections and other diseases, this is usually not a problem for the pet owner’s healthy immune system.

1st Place: Eat Large Spiders and Other Creepy Crawlies

Cats are gifted hunters. They react to even the smallest movements. No wonder that spiders or beetles crawling through the apartment are welcome prey for the cat. If the cat eats these, it is usually harmless. Anything that doesn’t taste good or has a hard shell is spat out again. It is different with bees and wasps. A sting in the mouth or nose can be dangerous for the cat.

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