10 Mistakes Every (Almost) Dog Owner Makes

When dealing with a dog, you want to do everything right. Even so, even the most caring dog owner can be wrong. We explain to you what they are and how you can avoid them in the future.

Sometimes Get a Dog That Doesn’t Suit You

As soon as the desire of a four-legged friend appears, many want to fulfill it as quickly as possible. However, of course, you should carefully consider buying a dog. In addition to basic thoughts about whether a dog fits into your life, you should also think about what type of dog might be right for you.

Should your buddy be more active or calm? Large or small? Accepted from a shelter or from a breeder? Think carefully about which properties are important to you. Otherwise, the end of the song may be that you want to bring the dog back a short time later in despair. And it won’t help anyone.

Neglecting Education and Training

Every dog ​​needs basic training, socialization with other four-legged friends and people, and later, of course, ample exercise and variety. Refusal of your dog’s ability to do this is not only harmful to him but also to him in the long run. How else is your four-legged friend supposed to know what is good and what is not? If you make your workout positive, it won’t be annoying, but it can be fun and add variety to both of you. On the other hand, if you don’t give a damn about parenting and socialization, your dog may experience a range of behavioral problems.

Feed Wrong

If you are unsure about choosing the right dog food, you can talk to your veterinarian, research the ingredients, and read reviews. Because if your dog eats poorly for a long time, it can lead to health problems.

At the same time, you should not overfeed your four-legged friend – and food should not be a sign of your love. Because obesity can also have health consequences for dogs. Don’t be overly generous with treats; they shouldn’t make up more than ten percent of his daily diet. Also, make sure you are not feeding your dog any potentially toxic food.

Do Not Visit the Vet

Do you only take your dog to the vet when it is sick? In many cases, it is actually too late. By regularly examining the dog, the veterinarian can identify abnormalities earlier. This way, you ensure that your four-legged friend stays healthy and happy for a long time – you do not miss the necessary vaccinations.

Do Not Collect Dog Feces

Let’s not kid ourselves: not collecting the remains of your dog for a walk is just rude. In addition, bacteria and possible pathogens can walk in the dog’s feces. Other four-legged friends can also become infected by contact. So: take out the dog’s trash bags, collect the piles and dispose of them properly.

Wrong Collar, Harness, or Leash

When it comes to the question of what is best for dogs, a collar or harness, the opinions of many dog owners differ. A collar can be more practical because your four-legged friend can also wear it at home and do not need to be put on and then removed on every walk.

However, the harness has a softer effect on the cervical spine and muscles of dogs. Advise yourself better when buying, because the harness should also fit well and, for example, not restrict your dog’s freedom of movement.

You Punish the Dog for Failure

Punishment should never be used to train a puppy – however, many dog owners make this mistake. The temptation to vent frustration with the mess in the roar is too great. Instead, you should reduce the likelihood of failure from the start, for example by letting your dog go about his business on the street. It helps if you can interpret his body language correctly.

Neglecting Dental and Nail Care

Many dog owners neglect to groom their four-legged friends’ nails and teeth – a big mistake! To avoid gum disease and other problems, you should brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Veterinarians recommend doing this several times a week.

Dogs’ nails should also be trimmed regularly. How often depends, among other things, on how much he walks on the street on surfaces that are automatically worn out. If the nails grow too long, it can cause painful paw infections and physical discomfort.

Sometimes Giving Your Dog Human Medicines

Your dog is in severe pain, but you shouldn’t just give him medication. Unfortunately, due to a lack of knowledge, dog owners can make this mistake. However, this is dangerous for your animal: after all, the dosage is for humans and therefore too high for dogs.

This can lead to a number of complaints. For example, paracetamol can cause liver failure and ibuprofen can damage the gastrointestinal tract. By the way, cat medications can also harm dogs and vice versa.

Underestimated the Cost of Keeping Your Dog

Dogs take a lot of time and money, and you should understand this right from the start. The costs of veterinarian, nurse, food, dog training, and especially surgery or other emergencies can be quite high. You always need to be prepared for this and save money. Or, you can take out insurance to cover your dog’s veterinary and surgical costs.

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