3 Mistakes Almost EVERYONE Makes When Feeding Dogs According to Dog Trainers

Since we humans completely ignore our species-appropriate diet and can also provide ourselves with food 24 hours a day, our knowledge of the right diet for dogs is also limited.

This can lead to serious risks and illnesses, starting with mild digestive problems.

There are mistakes that we make out of ignorance, sometimes to cope with our stressful everyday life and to save time.

Here are the 3 mistakes we shouldn’t make when feeding our dogs and why:

You don’t throw away leftover food, it stays in the bowl even longer!

It may even seem like a good idea to simply leave the bowl where it isn’t completely empty and give our four-legged friend the opportunity to treat himself to a second helping later!

If we humans don’t eat up, the leftovers end up in the fridge so they don’t spoil.

The rest of the food in the bowl can also spoil and it can also be an attraction for some insects, possibly even rodents!

So discard the rest and rinse the bowl, or at least put it in the fridge for later! By the way, you shouldn’t put his food straight back down afterwards, but bring it back to room temperature beforehand!

Your dog is not really calm while eating!

It could be that your schedule is messed up and you’re standing next to him waiting for a quick bowl wash before rushing out the door.

You may want to make sure he accepts the food because you may have changed brands of dog food.

Whatever the reason, your dog will not be comfortable with constant observation. He can also get the impression that he has to swallow everything even faster.

Just imagine someone hounding you while you’re eating your meal! Give him time and rest so that he can digest his food well afterwards.

Food is not only used as a reward, it is even abused!

There is a fine line between nurturing and good behavior, encouraging treats, and showing your dog affection by giving treats.

In addition, the constant use of treats can also lead to your dog becoming overweight.

Think carefully about how you use treats and food. Because the constant use of the small dog biscuits can also lead to him resorting to begging and then you have not taught him good behavior!

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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