6 Mistakes Almost All Small Dog Owners Make

Small dogs are cute and coveted, as you can unfortunately see from stars and starlets, especially as accessories.

But small dogs are above all dogs. They should be treated and respected as dogs. No matter how funny and cute they may appear when they peep out of handbags or are equipped with funny little dresses and bows!

In our list you will find out which mistakes should be avoided when keeping small dogs, even though they are particularly popular with city owners!

Education must also take place with small dogs!

Because of their sweet exterior paired with an innocent look, bad behavior is accepted by many small breed dog owners.

But here the fault does not lie with the dog! Often the owners of small dogs do not educate them at all, but rather accept stubborn behavior as a given!

Do yourself and your little bundle of fur a favor and teach her how to behave with love, patience and understanding.

Don’t underestimate the little dog breeds!

Somehow many owners don’t seem to take the small dogs seriously. What is a 5 kg heavy little thing supposed to do?

Maybe that’s why they got their reputation as yapping nuisances because we underestimate them and don’t think we have to take their upbringing and socialization seriously.

Agile and nimble as these little creatures are, they like to jump around visitors or try to climb up your trouser legs. Where German Shepherds would be called off immediately, we ridicule the Chihuahua’s demeanor.

Barking and growling is also a sign of fear!

To the small among the dog breeds, we seem like giants. This can certainly frighten these creatures and encourage them all the more to compensate for their small stature with unusual behavior.

Small dogs are no more aggressive than large dog breeds. But they have to get used to our extra length slowly, and that doesn’t work by constantly bending over them. This seems more like a threatening gesture.

Be at eye level with your little ones. Kneel and sit with them on the ground so you don’t appear as a super being and be consistent in your upbringing!

Show the kind of behavior you want by giving praise!

We scold faster than we praise. Not only our children, also our dogs.

When raising your tiny friend, try ignoring his bad behavior for once. Turn away from him instead of smiling over it.

On the other hand, if he behaves well and according to your wishes and your upbringing, then let him feel your praise and your love and joy about it.

Gladly also from time to time with a treat, which you hand him back at eye level!

Walk your dog – don’t carry it!

Training also includes introducing your dog to other dogs. With big ones as well as small ones, in addition to your human friends. This educational measure is called socialization.

Your furry darling will learn how to interact with other creatures. He learns to distinguish between friend and foe and how to deal with different situations.

However, if you constantly hold your dog in your arms and carry him through unusual situations, he will start to fear them.

Then sooner or later you will have a barking to aggressive creature on your arm who does not know how to assess himself and his canine side.

Small dogs are for couch potatoes!

Just because they’re small and have shorter legs doesn’t mean that Chihuahuas and Maltese or other small breeds are reluctant to exercise.

There are a large number of small dog breeds that were also bred for hunting and need exercise. Certainly not in rough terrain, but in the city park or around the block.

Regular walks also promote the health of animals and people, so get off the sofa and get out into the fresh air!

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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