18 Facts Every Portuguese Water Dog Owner Should Know

The Portuguese Water Dog is an affable and pleasant companion dog. We have summarized more about the temperament, appearance, and characteristics of this dog breed in the following portrait…

FCI Group 8:
Retriever dogs, scavenger dogs & water dogs
Section 3: Water Dogs
Without work test
Country of origin: Portugal
FCI standard number: 37

Height at the withers:

Males 50-57 cm
Females 43-52 cm


Males 19-25 kg
Females 16-22 kg

Use: water dog, companion dog

#1 He loves the water, needs a lot of exercise and activity.

The breed is rather rare, but is enjoying increasing popularity: we are talking about the Portuguese water dog or Cão de Água Português.

#2 Many years ago the Portuguese Water Dog was a common sight along the coast of Portugal.

#3 Today the breed is only found on traditional fisheries in its original home in the Algarve province, where it is still used as a water dog.

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