10 Breathtaking Alaskan Malamute Dog Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Alaskan Malamute is a true powerhouse with a heavy, well-muscled body. In contrast to the Siberian Husky (Siberian Husky), which also belongs to the Nordic sled dogs, the Malamute only has brown eyes. Other eye colors are considered a fault in the breed standard. The richly hairy tail resembles a plume and is carried over the back. However, it does not lie flat on the back, nor may it be tightly rolled up. This dog’s gait moves evenly, harmoniously, and powerfully with a strong drive. They love running for hours in colder temperatures.

The lush fur is extremely weatherproof. Different variations of fur colors are allowed, the usual spectrum ranges from light gray to all shades of black, and reddish brown is also possible. The white mask on the face is characteristic, which further emphasizes the noble appearance of the breed.

Below you will find the 10 best Alaskan Malamute dog tattoos:

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