Zoo: What You Should Know

A zoo is an area with animals. In such a park, the animals are often allowed to roam around more freely than in a zoo. Animal parks often have very different names, such as outdoor enclosures, safari parks, or wildlife parks. Sometimes Tierpark is just another name for the zoo, i.e. a park with many animal enclosures. Park means that there is a fence around the site and you usually have to pay an entrance fee.

In the zoo you often see familiar, harmless animals that come from Europe. They can live outside most of the year or all year round. These are, for example, cattle, donkeys, and goats. Even a petting zoo is sometimes called a zoo.

In the safari park, there are animals from distant countries. Such parks are usually driven in a car, like on a safari. There is a good reason for this: lions, leopards, and other predators roam the park. You are well protected in the car. Under no circumstances should you leave the car.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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