Wing: What You Should Know

A wing is a limb in birds and other animals. Thanks to the wings, these animals can fly. Birds have wings whereas humans have arms and hands. The word wing is also used for many other things that are somehow reminiscent of a bird’s wing.

Over the course of evolution, the bones of the arms and hands of these animals evolved into what we know today. A wing is therefore elongated and can be attached to the body when the bird is not flying. Wings are covered with feathers, as is the rest of the body. The feathers on the body are there for warmth, and on the wings also for flying. In addition, there are long flight feathers on the wings, the wings.

Insects like butterflies, bees, wasps, flies, and many others also have wings. They are made of very different materials and also work differently. Some insects, like dragonflies, have two pairs of wings. The ladybug, for example, also has elytra. They protect the actual wings.

People have long observed how birds fly and what their wings are made of. They believed: If we want to fly, we have to imitate the wings of a bird exactly. Later one learned: The wings of an airplane or a glider can also look different. It is important to have a curvature that provides buoyancy. In addition, the aircraft must reach a sufficient speed.

Wings are also said to do many other things. A large door, or rather a gate, consists of wings that are used to close the gate. The human nose has a left and a right side, the nostrils. It is similar to the wings of a large building. A certain form of the piano is also called a grand piano. The cars have a metal sheet over each wheel to prevent rainwater from splashing around. In the past, these sheets prevented horse or cattle droppings that were lying on the streets from being sprayed around. These sheets are therefore still called fenders today.

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