Why The First Vet Visit Is So Important For Your Pet

At some point, every dog ​​and cat must visit a veterinarian for the first time. And that should be relaxed. Because if your animal has a positive experience with the doctor right from the start, you will relieve him and yourself of the stress.

The first visit to practice with your new pet should be well prepared and relaxed. This way, you ensure that your pet wants to go to the vet later, too.

The most important thing is to make sure that the animal is as comfortable as possible during the reception. Before you go to the doctor, you need to give your four-legged friend the opportunity to excrete stool and urine. Therefore, you must walk the dog before taking it.

Train Your Animal to the Hands of a Veterinarian

If your pet has problems with nausea and vomiting while driving, you should feed it moderately before going to the vet, advise animal rights activists. Cat owners can train their animals to use the transport crate a few days before, for example by feeding the pet in it.

It can also be helpful if you practice opening your mouth or lifting the auricle with your pet before visiting your veterinarian.

Make Vet Visit Positive

On the day of your appointment, you should always plan enough time so that there is no fuss. Then, during the first examination, your pet should be stroked and treated with treats.

If the first visit to the veterinarian leaves a positive impression on the dog or cat, the four-legged friend will gladly go to the veterinarian in the future. Another plus: a doctor can better examine and treat a calm animal.

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