When A Dog Becomes A Training Partner

Dog sports are popular. However, so-called dog hunting should also be suitable for animals: not every dog is suitable for all sports. Care should also be taken with very young and chronically ill animals.

Dogs love to move around and let off steam with their owner. Sports with dogs do not have to be limited to walking: now there are a large number of sports that owners and lovers can do together with their four-legged friends.

The so-called sentry running – a combination of a dog running and jogging – includes classic sports such as running or walking. But also stand rowing and yoga for dogs.

Don’t Play Sports with Puppies

However, dog owners should consider a few things beforehand. “You shouldn’t play sports with puppies or very young dogs,” says Astrid Behr, spokeswoman for the Federal Association of Veterinary Practitioners. The bones and joints of the dog are still growing and not stable enough for exercise. In small dogs, this phase is about a year. “Large dogs sometimes do not fully grow until they are three years old.”

Not every sport suits every dog. Pugs and other breeds with short snouts have difficulty breathing. On the other hand, large and heavy breeds are no longer suitable for sports in which they have to jump a lot because this quickly puts stress on the joints.

Pay Attention to the Type of Dog

In order to select the appropriate sport, owners must consider the nature of their dog. “You have to see what kind of dog it is,” says Ber. “For example, is he more like a shepherd, guard, or hunting dog?” For hunting dogs, there is a sport in which the dog can use his good nose. This includes, for example, trailing where dogs are looking for people.

“If you want to lead your dog on a leash on a bike, you should use a frame,” Behr advises. This ensures that the dog does not have to run diagonally next to the bike. Swimming is also beneficial in that it relieves stress on the joints. Sports such as frisbee, in which dogs jump and turn, can put stress on the spine.

But how do you start playing sports? In fact, it is not that different from humans: if you haven’t played sports before, you need to gradually and gradually build up your stamina – this also applies to the dog. “You can tell a dog has muscle soreness, for example, when it doesn’t even want to get up for a while after training,” says Petra Seidl, a physiotherapist in Schopfheim. So you overdid it, and next time you should be more careful about it.

The Dog Needs to Warm Up Before Training

It is important for all dogs to warm up their muscles well before training. To do this, it is advisable, for example, to walk a little with the dog, run. “Team games with seating, seating and stopping are also perfect for this,” says Seidl. According to the physiologist, the warm-up should last 15 to 20 minutes.

It is equally important to plan a cool-down time after your workout. “Otherwise, the dog gets into the car and then suddenly gets very cold,” says Seidl. As in humans, it can weaken the immune system or cause muscle pain, so this should be avoided.

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