Weather: What You Should Know

The weather is the state of the sky. Around the earth is a layer of air called the atmosphere. Weather means how things are in this atmosphere at a certain place and time. The climate, on the other hand, indicates whether it is usually rather warm or rather cold in a place, on average over many years.

Weather includes wind, storms, rain, snow, and much more. All of this is due to the sun. The sun’s heat over the sea causes water to evaporate and moisture to rise into the air. This will later become clouds. The wind is caused by the fact that there is warmer air in some places than elsewhere.

When someone talks about good weather, they usually think of sunshine. For farmers, for example, it is important that the weather changes. In agriculture you sometimes need sunshine, but sometimes you need rain so that the plants get enough water.

Because the weather is important to many people, they have always wanted to predict it. Today, this is done by a science of its own, meteorology. Almost everywhere in the world, there are weather stations in which wind, rain, and other things are measured. With this knowledge, you can calculate quite well for the next few days, for example, where it will rain and when. The word weather means the weather in a certain period of time in a certain area.

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