Violets: What You Should Know

Violets are popular garden plants with delicate flowers. They also grow in the wild. There are about 650 species of violets. These include sweet violets and pansies. Cyclamen are popular houseplants, but they don’t belong to the same family as true violets.

Violets grow in areas with warm summers and cold winters. They are hardy plants and can grow well under trees and shrubs. The smallest violets are about five centimeters high. The largest can reach a height of more than 50 centimeters. Most species of violets are found in the Andes of South America.

Violets often have large, heart-shaped leaves. The flowers have five petals. They are usually dark purple, blue, or lavender in color. They can also be white, yellow, reddish-purple, or a combination of colors.

The flowers of the violets are edible. In addition, sweet-scented violets are used to make perfume. Many violets were bred. This made the flowers bigger or they got different colors.

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Written by Mary Allen

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