Veterinarian: What You Should Know

The veterinarian is a profession. Veterinarians take care of sick or injured animals or vaccinate the animals. If a pet gets sick, you can take it to the vet for a check-up. This way the veterinarian can see what is wrong with the animal and help him.

Veterinarians also visit animals on farms, or they work in animal welfare or research. Some only work with dead animals: they inspect slaughtered animals so that meat from sick animals is not sold. Otherwise, the people who eat the meat might get sick themselves.

To become a veterinarian, you have to study at a university. The subject is called veterinary medicine, which means veterinary medicine. During your studies, you learn how to recognize and treat various animal diseases. You can also choose animal species or special types of treatment that you want to learn a lot about. For example, there are veterinarians who, like a dentist for humans, examine and treat animals’ teeth. Likewise, there are veterinarians who are particularly familiar with a single species, such as horses.

Some veterinarians have their own practice, while others work in a larger veterinary clinic. Even in the zoo, you need veterinarians. They must be well acquainted with animals from distant countries. Since some animals are very dangerous, they must be sedated if the vet wants to examine them. Especially when large animals have to be treated, the work of a veterinarian can also be very tiring. For example, if a stunned rhino needs to be turned over, the veterinarian and his helpers need a lot of strength.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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