This is How You Get Your Cat Used to Living With a Baby

Cats love their space, but at the same time, they are in need of love and affection. They can be particularly sensitive to changes – for example, when the family has children. With a little planning, however, you can usually get your cat used to living with the baby without any problems.

Long before the baby is born, you should introduce your cat to the upcoming changes step by step. “So that the cat gets used to everything new, it should explore the nursery under supervision,” advises the veterinarian and animal behavior therapist Andrea Böttjer.

Accustom Your Cat to Baby Noises

She also advises introducing the cat to baby sounds. “In many cats, these unfamiliar sounds can trigger anxiety. A noise learning program can help, ”says the veterinarian.

When mother and child come home after the birth, your cat can gradually get used to the new everyday life with the baby. This means that she can approach the baby, change diapers or watch it being fed – without getting too close.

Maintain Rituals with the Cat

So that the kitty gets used to the smell of the new roommate, you can hold her already worn body in front of her nose to sniff. If the offspring sleeps during the day, you can spend time with the cat near the baby. Maybe even with a few treats so that the closeness is saved as something pleasant.

Is all of this too much for her or doesn’t she feel like doing it? Then the cat should always have the opportunity to withdraw or leave the room. In order to avoid jealousy, the expert also advises maintaining fixed rituals – such as cuddling in the evening.

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