How Much Exercise Does My Cat Need a Day?

Movement makes you happy and keeps you healthy – this also applies to your cat. Therefore it is important as a cat owner to make sure that the kitty moves enough. How much play and exercise a cat needs also depends on its age, health, and lifestyle.

One thing is for sure: There is no one-size-fits-all formula for how many hours or minutes of exercise a day is appropriate for cats. But it is just as certain that cats need daily exercise to stay happy and healthy.

“Some cats are more energetic than others, but most cats generally need at least two or three play sessions a day – if not more,” explains veterinarian Dr. Jamie Richardson.

These should be spread over the day. They don’t have to take long either: most cats have short bursts of energy anyway. When you notice that your cat is withdrawing, it has let off steam enough for now.

This is How You Can Tell That Your Cat Needs More Exercise

Fortunately, you can easily tell when your cat needs more exercise than it is currently getting. Then she quickly lapses into destructive behavior and scratches furniture, is hyperactive at night, or becomes aggressive while playing.

“If your cat only gets up to go to the litter box or to the food and drink bowl, it definitely needs more exercise,” explains veterinarian Dr. Joy Weinstein opposite the magazine “Catster”. “However, it is dangerous to just start exercising with an overweight cat. Because she can injure herself while running or jumping. ”

Therefore, you should speak to a veterinarian if you want to integrate more exercise into the everyday life of your until then rather untrained kitty. The same applies to overweight velvet paws.

Why Do Cats Need to Exercise Enough?

Regular exercise helps keep the joints mobile. This is especially important as cats age and develops arthritis. “Cats with arthritis are initially stiff or lame when they stand up, but that gets better with movement,” explains Dr. Tartar.

At the same time, exercise keeps the kitties generally healthy – physically and mentally. And it helps the animals maintain a healthy weight. Because even in cats, being overweight can lead to health consequences such as diabetes, pancreatitis, and arthritis.

When several cats live in the same household, the physical activity involved will help reduce conflicts among the kitties. They are then simply more balanced and also show fewer behavioral problems such as destructiveness or aggressiveness.

This is How You Bring Movement Into the Cat’s Life

The easiest way to get your cat to run and jump is by playing. Laser pointers, balls, or fishing toys, for example, are suitable for this. Make sure that the kitty can perform various types of movement while playing, such as jumping, stalking, and chasing.

With the help of interactive toys, you can also ensure that your cat can occupy itself on its own. You can also make feeding playful and, for example, let your kitty “hunt” her food: hide it in different places in the house, on the scratching post, or in boxes.

When the toy is not in use, you should keep it in a safe place – this will prevent your cat from swallowing small parts, ribbons, or feathers.

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