That’s Why You Should Blink at Your Cat

To tell someone that you love them? Go with three words. But how do you tell your cat how much you like them? Other signals are needed – more than just petting units.

Cats would never close their eyes to someone who could be dangerous to them. Even big cats blink at each other as a sign of relaxation and confidence.

Slowly blinking at each other is a real show of confidence among cats. Cat owners can also give their cats such a token of love, advises “A heart for animals”.

The magazine’s animal experts suggest the following ritual: To show your cat that you trust it, you should first look calmly and relaxed in the eyes. You close your eyes slowly and open them again a little bit. The kitty will understand the love sign, according to the experts. And if you are lucky, the beloved cat will also react with a blink.

Head to Head with a Cuddly Cat

There is another signal from cat language, which signals affection: If a cat rubs itself against conspecifics or humans, it would like to use it to distribute its personal pheromones and identify them as its family members. So a true token of love for the cat.

In order to return love, you should absolutely allow the behavior and pet the cat for it. If it is a cuddly cat, you can also lean your own head slightly on the cat’s head when it is rubbing against you.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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