That’s Why Your Cat Likes to Sleep on You

Most cat owners have probably asked themselves this question: Why does my cat prefer to sleep on me? Well, there could actually be a pretty simple explanation behind this behavior that may disappoint you.

Because your fur nose is most likely not looking for your body as a place to sleep out of pure affection and love – but rather uses you as a kind of hot water bottle. Because cats love cozy places and are absolutely warm-loving.

Cats Want Your Warmth in Their Sleep

You have probably already noticed that your kitten usually snuggles up somewhere to sleep. Be it a pillow, a stack of laundry, or a paper box that is much too small – the fur noses know how to make themselves comfortable.

And you are one of those cozy places too. Especially during sleep, the human head, in particular, gives off permanent heat – and that is what cats love, explains Doctor Mikel Delgado “Catster”.

The researcher for cat behavior knows that the normal temperature of the velvet paws is just under 39 degrees Celsius. In order to maintain this temperature, the four-legged friends are always looking for a warm place – and that can also be the master or mistress.

Alternative to Humans: a Hot Water Bottle

By the way, if you don’t want your furry friend to snuggle up to you at night, you could, for example, place a small heating pad next to your bed. This is guaranteed to have a magical attraction on the animals.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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