Tangerine: What You Should Know

The tangerine is a round orange fruit. Like the orange, the lemon, and the grapefruit, it belongs to the citrus family. The fruit grows on tangerine trees. These trees are not particularly tall. They bear green foliage year-round and thrive in warm climates.

The tangerine originally comes from China. For the Europeans who traveled to China many centuries ago, Mandarin was an official of the Chinese Emperor. After these officials, the fruit was eventually named in Europe.

You can now also find hybrids of tangerines and oranges. These are then called clementines. They have thicker skin, a slight hump, and fewer seeds. When clementine comes from Japan, it is called satsuma.

Like most citrus fruits, mandarins come from southern European countries on the Mediterranean. There they are harvested in autumn. They taste sweeter than lemons. The tangerine peel can be easily removed. Inside, the fruit consists of small pieces that are easy to separate and eat individually.

Mandarins are particularly popular during the Advent season. Around December 6th, Santa Claus also gives tangerines as gifts, along with nuts and gingerbread.

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