Summer: What You Should Know

Summer is the warmest of the four seasons. He follows spring. After the summer comes the cooler autumn.

Many plants only bear leaves in summer. They ensure that the landscapes look green in summer. In the summer, the farmers harvest the early potatoes and most of the grain. In the summer, the animals have to get their young so far that they can then survive the cold seasons. Some animals are already eating fat for hibernation or collecting supplies.

The longest holidays are in the summer. This used to be because the students had to help with the harvest. Today, on the other hand, the main thing is that most people want to have a nice, long vacation in the summer. On the coast and in other holiday areas it is usually full of people.

From when to when does summer last?

For weather researchers, summer in the northern hemisphere begins on June 1st and lasts until August 30th. The summer months are June, July, and August.

For astronomers, however, summer begins at the summer solstice, when the days are at their longest. That is always on June 20th, 21st, or 22nd. Summer ends at the equinox when the day is as long as the night. That’s September 22nd, 23rd, or 24th, and that’s when autumn begins.

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