Songbirds: What You Should Know

There are around 4,000 different species of songbirds. The most well-known is the jay, the wren, the tits, the finches, the larks, the swallows, the thrushes, and the starlings. Sparrows are also songbirds. The common house sparrow is also called a sparrow.

Songbirds have special lungs: they are very powerful and yet very small. Even at high altitudes, songbirds can still get oxygen from the air. They have large air sacs in their bodies so they can cool their muscles.

Songbirds can fly very well. They have a light skeleton. Many bones are hollow inside, including the beak. On the one hand, this results in less weight. On the other hand, her voice sounds stronger because of the cavities. This is similar to a guitar or a violin.

The name songbird does not simply apply to all birds that are particularly good at singing. All songbirds are related to each other. They originated in Australia about 33 million years ago. Different species have evolved through evolution. From Australia, they have spread all over the world.

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