Sheep: What You Should Know

Sheep are a genus of mammals. Among them is the wild sheep, from which the domestic sheep was eventually bred. For example, another sheep that lives in the wild is the argali, the giant wild sheep from Kazakhstan.
Wild sheep can be found both in very warm areas, such as the Mediterranean and in the cold of Siberia or Alaska. Often they live in the mountains. This is possible for them because they are good climbers. It is mostly up to people that they have to live there because people claim many other areas for themselves.

With us, you will find almost only domestic sheep on the pastures and farms. There are few breeders who keep other sheep. Sheep are usually understood to mean a female animal, often a ewe. The male is the buck. A wether is a ram that has been operated on in such a way that it can no longer make young animals. The cub is a lamb.

Sheep are quite frugal animals. They also eat harder feed than cows. However, they are choosier than goats or even donkeys, which can eat and digest even tougher herbs.

People raise sheep for wool. Sheep give milk and you can eat their meat. Lamb comes from sheep that were less than a year old when slaughtered. Most domestic sheep live in China, Australia, and India.

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