Seahorses: What You Should Know

Seahorses are fish. They are only found in the sea because they need salt water to live. Most species live in the Pacific Ocean.

The unique thing about seahorses is their appearance. Her head resembles that of a horse. The seahorse got its name because of its head shape. Their abdomen looks like that of a worm.

Although seahorses are fish, they don’t have flippers for swimming. They move through the water by moving their tails. They like to stay in the seaweed because they can hold on to it with their tails.

It is also unusual in seahorses that the males are pregnant, not the females. The male incubates up to 200 eggs in his brood pouch. After about ten to twelve days, the male retreats to the seagrass and gives birth to the little seahorses. From then on, the little ones are on their own.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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