Praise Dogs Properly: That’s Fine

Dogs can be trained and educated very well with praise or a reward. You must praise your four-legged friend properly because too much or the wrong kind of praise can quickly have a negative effect. Here you can find out what is important when giving praise and what you should avoid.

There are a few things you can do wrong when praising your dog. For example, if you praise too much and give your cold nose every little thing treat for every little thing, the reward will lose value and no longer have the desired effect. It depends on the right dosage.

That’s What Constitutes “Good Praise”

You can usually tell good praise from your dog’s happy reaction. If he is completely over the moon, in the best case scenario he will remember that his previous behavior was good and repeat it from now on. This is positive parenting. The type of praise can be very different. Many dogs react very happily to the so-called human praise, which is connected with nice words like “well done” and pats. Additionally, praise may involve giving toys or treats. However, you should not overdo it with the latter type of reward.

Praise Dogs Properly – Not Too Much, Not Too Little

Complimenting your dog every time by giving him a treat not only negatively impacts his personality but also reduces the effectiveness of your training. Praise with food should be rather sparing and always surprising to encourage desired behavior. The following applies to all praise: If you praise too much, the gesture will eventually lose its meaning for the four-legged friend. Praise as an educational measure is no longer effective.

Also important: Be careful with praise as a result of lure situations. For example, if you want to teach your animal companion the command “Come” and always reward it with treats, it may eventually come to you only when it senses the chance for food.

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