That’s What Martin Rütter Has To Say About “Fighting Dogs” – Important Message

We have often written about the fact that some dog breeds in Germany are on a list of so-called dangerous dog breeds.

These lists are only country-related and not valid throughout Germany. What is viewed with a wry smile in Bavaria can be allowed in Schleswig-Holstein without any problems.

The respected dog trainer and author Martin Rütter has now vented his anger at this arbitrariness. On a TV show!

What about socialization?

Anyone who follows our articles closely or has read a book by Martin Rütter knows that early training and socialization are the be-all and end-all in a dog’s life.

It is very similar with our children. If we don’t prepare them for life in the environment and society, then they are marginalized!

No one should stand on this socially defined and partially recognized edge, no human and no dog! Martin Rütter makes that as clear as dumpling broth with his statement!

What we don’t know can frighten us, arouse our mistrust and, at first, give rise to aggression.

If our dogs don’t have a chance to get to know our friends, acquaintances and family members, they won’t be able to happily greet them with their tails wagging.

If a puppy isn’t trained to meet other dogs at dog school, puppy group, or through walks, how is it supposed to learn proper behavior?

Do’s and don’ts from your desk

Many of the so-called fighting dog breeds are extremely loving family dogs if they have the opportunity to integrate into a family, to grow up together with a family.

“If a puppy classified as a dangerous dog doesn’t have a chance to get to know other puppies for the first 15 months, how is it then supposed to not behave suspiciously towards other dogs?” asks Martin Rütter.

This question is perfectly valid because, like the Isika family from Bad Homburg, many owners of fighting dogs do not understand the excitement.

She has brought an American Staffordshire terrier into the family in addition to her husband, 6-year-old daughter and newborn son.

As a die-hard dog fanatic and long-time dog owner, she knows that these alleged attack dogs make excellent family pets if you let them.

So why are owners of different dog breeds penalized with higher insurance premiums and tax rates if they buy their dogs from reputable and reputable breeders like Linda and Stefan, who also have this playful but alert breed of dog in their hearts?

The dog license

In Germany today you have to provide evidence and certificates of competency for many things, for example to practice your profession or pursue a hobby.

Perhaps dog ownership should be about the empowerment of the owner rather than the dog’s potential aggressive instincts.

Training, education, and careful upbringing are a good key. But who can prove this as an ability when he is spontaneously falling in love with a puppy?

How many dogs end up in the animal shelter year after year because the owner feels overwhelmed and the funny puppy has become a small half with a shoulder height of up to 70 cm?

Is this now also blamed on the dog, its origin, the breed? Isn’t it much more likely that people let themselves be made to make a spontaneous decision and only realize afterward that they are not up to the task?

Socialization is the answer

Let’s give the dogs a chance, because Isika and her little family, including the so-called fighting dog, are the best proof that these dog breeds can also be perfectly integrated.

Early training and socialization are key to having a friendly and outgoing dog that won’t snap at the postman’s bottom!

Martin Rütter’s books and television reports, as well as our articles, provide initial tips and hints!

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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