Peach: What You Should Know

The peach is a species of plant native to China and other countries in Asia. The tree can grow up to eight meters tall. Its fruits belong to stone fruit such as apricots, plums, or cherries and are called peaches. They have furry skin and are a popular fruit because of their sweet taste. The peach is also called the “Persian apple”.

The core of the fruit is surrounded by a hard shell. The peach is yellow-red on the outside and the flesh on the inside is yellow. When the peach is ripe, the flesh is quite soft, but until the fruit is ripe, it is hard.

Peaches have been cultivated for over 8,000 years. So people tried to breed the natural peach to make it tastier and peel well from the stone. Today there are therefore different varieties such as the flat peach or the nectarine. In contrast to peaches, nectarines have smooth surfaces without any hairs. Peaches contain vitamin C and many other valuable substances that we need to live.

The peach tree grows best when it doesn’t get too cold in winter. The peaches begin to ripen in May, at least in countries like Spain, Morocco, Italy, or Greece. They are sold in other countries until September.

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