Parrot: What You Should Know

Parrots are birds. There are over 300 species. Some of them can mimic human voices. Parrots have fairly large brains, so they’re good at learning. Parrots also include parakeets and cockatoos.

The bird’s body is erect and rather heavy. Parrots like grains, nuts, and fruits, so their beak is strong and curved. The feathers of some species have many different colors, while other species are almost monochromatic.

Some people keep parrots as pets. However, in many countries parrots are considered pests because they eat the fruit in agriculture. Parrots are also hunted and then kept as pets. Some parrot species are threatened with extinction because of this.

Parrots typically live in the warmer parts of the world: South America, Africa, Australia, and southern Asia. Some domestic parrots have flown away from their owners, so today there are also parrots in northern countries.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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