Nut: What You Should Know

A nut is a fruit or kernel that is usually encased in a shell. This shell can be hard, like hazelnuts, or soft, like beechnuts. There are real nuts and nuts are just called that.

Examples of real nuts are also sweet chestnuts, acorns, peanuts, walnuts, and some others. Almonds and coconuts are examples of fake nuts. They are actually drupes. Nuts are therefore not related to each other in the biological sense of the plant species.

Nuts are healthy because they contain various vitamins and nutrients. They are high in calories and therefore provide a lot of energy. In the past, the oil was often pressed out of them, for example with walnuts, which are called tree nuts in Switzerland. It can be used to refine food or as lamp oil because it doesn’t produce soot.

Today, nuts are also used for many other things, for example, they are processed in cosmetics. These are products that are used for personal hygiene, such as shower gel or soap. Make-up products such as eye shadow or lipstick are also included.

The nuts are spread by rodents such as squirrels and birds. The animals need nuts for food. The rodents also hide the nuts to have food in winter. Sometimes birds lose nuts or rodents forget where they hid them. This allows a new tree to grow from this nut.

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