Norfolk Terrier: Dog Breed Information

Country of origin: Great Britain
Shoulder height: 25 – 26 cm
Weight: 5 – 7 kg
Age: 12 – 15 years
Color: red, wheaten, black with tan or grizzle
Use: Companion dog, the family dog

The Norfolk Terrier is a lively, hardy, small wire-haired terrier with a gentle disposition. Its friendly nature and peaceful nature make it a pleasant companion dog that is easy to train, even for beginners.

Origin and history

The Norfolk Terrier is the lop-eared variant of the Norwich Terrier, which was used under one breed name until the 1960s. The genesis of the breeds is therefore identical. They come from the English county of Norfolk, where they were originally bred as rat and mouse catchers and used for fox hunting. Because of their peaceful nature, Norfolk Terriers have always been popular companions and family dogs.


The Norfolk Terrier is a typical short-legged terrier with a healthy, compact, and strong body with a short back, and strong bones. With a shoulder height of around 25 cm, it is one of the tiny terrier breeds alongside the Yorkshire Terrier. It has a friendly, alert expression, dark oval eyes, and V-shaped medium-sized ears that are tipped forward and lie well to the cheeks. The tail is of medium length and is carried straight up.

The Norfolk Terrier’s coat consists of a hard, wiry top coat and a dense undercoat. The coat is slightly longer around the neck and shoulders, and shorter and softer on the head and ears, except for the whiskers and bushy eyebrows. The coat comes in all shades of red, wheaten, black with tan, or grizzle.


The breed standard describes the Norfolk Terrier as a badass for its size, fearless, and alert but not nervous or argumentative. It is characterized by a very amiable nature and a robust physical constitution. Since it was always in close contact with other people and dogs, even in its original role as a pest controller, the Norfolk Terrier is still more socially acceptable today than many other terrier breeds. It is intelligent and docile, alert but not a barker.

The spirited little terrier loves to be busy, likes to go for walks, and likes to be part of everyone’s fun. The adaptable Norfolk’s attitude is uncomplicated. It feels just as comfortable with single people as with a lively extended family in the country. Because of their compact size, they’re also easy to keep in a city, provided exercise isn’t too scarce. Even novice dogs will have fun with the friendly nature and sociable nature of the Norfolk Terrier.

The Norfolk Terrier’s coat is wiry and dirt-repellent. Dead hair should be trimmed regularly. Then the fur is easy to care for.

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