Mudi: Dog Breed Complete Guide

Country of origin: Hungary
Shoulder height: 40 – 45 cm
Weight: 8 – 13 kg
Age: 13 – 15 years
Color: fawn, black, blue-merle, ash, brown, or white
Use: working dog, companion dog

The Mudi is a shepherd dog of Hungarian descent that is still used purely as a herding dog in its homeland. It is spirited and very active, alert, and independent, but also willing to be submissive with consistent, sensitive training. As a thoroughbred working dog, the Mudi needs fulfilling occupations and lots of exercise. The sporty Mudi is not very suitable for lazy people and couch potatoes.

Origin and history

Originally from Hungary, the Mudi is a common working dog in its home country. It looks after cattle, goats, and horses and keeps rats and mice away on the farms of small farmers. It is believed that the Mudi originated from the interbreeding of Hungarian herding dogs with various small German shepherd dogs. It may also be related to the slightly larger Croatian Shepherd Dog (Hvratski Ovcar). Most Mudis live in Hungary and are kept there as pure working dogs and also bred without papers. It is therefore also difficult to provide precise information about the total population. The Mudi breed standard was recognized by the FCI in 1966.

Appearance of the Mudi

The Mudi is a medium-sized, harmoniously built, muscular dog with prick ears and a wedge-shaped head. Outwardly, it reminds me of old German shepherd dogs. Its fur is wavy to curly, of medium length, always shiny, and – by its use as a shepherd dog – also weatherproof and easy to care for. The Mudi comes in the colors fawn, black, blue-merle, ash, brown, or white.

Nature of the Mudi

The Mudi is a very lively and active dog and likes to draw attention to itself by barking. It is very inquisitive, intelligent, and docile and willingly submits to clear leadership. As a born herding dog, it is also alert and ready to defend itself in an emergency. It is suspicious of strangers, even rejecting them.

The robust and agile Mudi needs a loving but very consistent upbringing from an early age. It is best to get Mudi puppies used to anything unfamiliar as early as possible and to socialize them well. The bundle of energy must also be offered a lot of meaningful employment and sufficient exercise. Therefore, the Mudi is an ideal companion for sporty people who like to do a lot with their dogs and keep them busy. The Mudi, who loves to learn and work, is also ideal for all kinds of dog sports activities. If there is a persistent lack of challenge, the spirited fellow can become a problem dog, as is often the case with typical herd working dogs.

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