Brazilian Terrier: Dog Breed Information

Country of origin: Brazil
Shoulder height: 33 – 40 cm
Weight: 8 – 10 kg
Age: 12 – 14 years
Color: white with black, brown, or blue markings and red branding
Use: Companion dog, the family dog, sports dog

The Brazilian Terrier is a medium-sized, compact, short-haired terrier. It is extremely lively and active – an ideal companion for sporty people. Even people with no dog experience will have fun with this uncomplicated, friendly terrier.

Origin and history

The Brazilian Terrier is a descendant of terriers that came to Brazil with European immigrants and mixed with native terrier breeds there. It is believed that the Jack Russell Terrier, the Pinscher, and the Chihuahua were involved in the creation of the new terrier breed. In Brazil, the brave little terriers were used to fight rats and as guard dogs on larger estates. Pure breeding of the Brazilian Terrier only began in the 1970s, and it was recognized by the FCI in 1995. The dog breed is little known in Europe, but in its homeland, the Brazilian Terrier ( Fox Paulistinha ) is considered the national dog and enjoys great popularity Popularity.


The Brazilian Terrier is a medium-sized, harmoniously built, high-legged terrier of approximately square stature. At first glance, it resembles a smooth-haired Fox Terrier, but the muzzle is shorter and the outlines of the body are more rounded overall. Viewed from above, it has a triangular head with widely spaced, half-erect ears. The eyes are large, round, and with lively expressions. The tail is set low and is of medium length. The tail is also docked in its country of origin. A congenital bobtail is also possible.

The Brazilian Terrier’s coat is short, smooth, and fine – but not soft – and has no undercoat. The basic color is white, in addition, there are black, brown, or blue markings on the body and dark red markings over the eyes, on the muzzle, and the base of the ears (brand).


The breed standard describes the Brazilian Terrier as a dog that is always lively, active, and alert, always on the move – but not nervous. It is very friendly and trusting towards acquaintances, it is reserved for strangers. When dealing with other dogs, the Brazilian is generally more compatible than other terrier breeds. It is also alert but not an excessive barker.

The Brazilian Terrier is a very adaptable, intelligent, and uncomplicated dog that, with a little consistency, is also easy to train. Therefore, it is also quite suitable as a first dog for beginners. It bonds strongly with its people and is extremely affectionate.

Like most terriers, the Terrier Brasileiro loves all kinds of action, play, activity, and exercise. It is an ideal partner for dog sports activities such as agility or flyball. Due to its compact size and pleasant nature, a Brazilian Terrier can also be kept well in a city apartment – provided it is kept busy and exercised.

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