Lavender: What You Should Know

Lavender is a plant. Their flowers are up to eight centimeters long. They are light purple and beautiful to look at. That is why lavender is often planted as an ornament in gardens.

Lavender gives off a special scent. In the past, small bags of dried lavender were placed in the closet so that the clothes smell nice. Today, lavender oil is mainly used to give the soap a special scent.

Lavender originally comes from the Mediterranean region. There it grows on slopes in dry, warm areas, for example in Tuscany or Provence. Monks later also planted lavender north of the Alps. The lavender is robust enough to survive the winter there. However, it usually develops a weaker scent there than when planted further south.

In the Mediterranean, lavender usually blooms from June to August. During this time and shortly thereafter it is harvested. It used to be picked by hand, but today special machines are used. Various pests threaten lavender. These include different types of mosquitoes, bugs, and cicadas. They transmit bacteria and make the lavender sick. In agriculture, on the other hand, insecticides are used, so-called insecticides.

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