Larches: What You Should Know

Larches are conifers that endure a lot of colds. There are ten different species that together form a genus. They are closely related to the pines. In Europe, only the European larch grows in the mountains, i.e. in the Alps and in the Carpathians. People in Sweden and Finland grew Siberian larch to use its wood.

Larches are easy to recognize by what happens to the needles: they turn golden yellow in autumn and then fall off. Larch forests therefore always attract many tourists, for example in the Engadin or in Valais in Switzerland.

The cones are either male or female. They stand upright at the end of the branches. The seeds are only about half a centimeter in size and have a wing that is slightly longer. With this, the seeds fly quite far away from the trunk so that the larch can spread better.

Larch wood is the heaviest and hardest softwood. Doors, window frames, floors, wall coverings, stairs, and so on are made from larch wood. It is also suitable for walls or the attic. But you also need it for bridges, boats, and many other things.

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Written by Mary Allen

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