Kidney Weakness? This is How You Can Help Your Cat

In old age, the kidneys can often go on strike – unfortunately, this is also the case with cats. Chronic kidney weakness cannot be cured, but you can support your kitty with a few remedies. PetReader explains to you what you can do for your cat.

The fact that the kidneys no longer function properly at some point affects older cats in particular. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is the number one cause of death for them.

Characteristic of the disease is its creeping course with initially hardly recognizable symptoms for the animal owner, explains, among other things, the “Federal Association for Animal Health”.

If your cat drinks more than usual, urinates more, vomits, loses weight, is always tired, or its coat looks dull, these could be signs of CKD.

If these symptoms occur, however, the kidney damage is already well advanced. In order to forestall this, regular check-ups are important, especially for older cats.

Cat with Kidney Weakness: Provide More Water

You can support your sick house tiger by, for example, providing drinking water in as many places as possible: This makes it easier for the cat to meet its increased water needs, which reduces the risk of dehydration. You can also mix the feed with water.

Changing the diet to a special kidney diet helps to compensate for the impaired kidney function and the resulting deficiency symptoms. This can at least significantly slow down the course of the disease.

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