Why Does My Cat Chase Its Own Tail?

Is it normal for my cat to chase its own tail? Some cat owners might answer this question with “Yes!”. However, this behavior can also indicate problems with your kitty. Your animal world explains to you what these are.

Admittedly, when your cat chases its tail, it looks very funny. But when it comes to the cause of this behavior, the fun often stops. Because as harmless as tail hunting looks, the reasons for it can be serious.

Veterinarian Dr. Vanessa Spano, who works as an expert on pet behavior in New York: “When cats have a prey-like goal, that’s normal. But definitely not to chase your own tail. ”
Because there is probably a medical or behavioral cause behind it.
Which can it be? For example, obsessive-compulsive behavior, fear, pain, insufficient demand, skin irritation, a neurological disease, or seizures.

This is why you should definitely not ignore it when your cat is chasing its own tail. The vet reveals what to do instead.

Is Your Cat Chasing Its Tail? You Should do That

The first step is always to contact the vet. At best, he knows your cat well and can quickly find out why the kitty is chasing her tail. The vets will give you tips and a treatment plan for the underlying cause.

But you can also support your cat at home yourself. For example, by asking yourself if the kitty is getting enough distraction – maybe she’s just lacking something to do. And if you don’t play with her, the tail has to serve. If you give her more toys and attention, the tail-chasing might stop.

Stress is a Possible Trigger

Or maybe your cat chases its tail whenever a situation triggers fear and nervousness. For example when visitors come. The first step then is to avoid these stress triggers and see if they stop the behavior.

If she’s chasing her tail anyway, you can try to stop her shortly beforehand. The best way to do this is to draw their attention to something else. “Engage them in funny activities by letting them chase toys or throwing their treats,” advises Dr. Spano across from “The Dodo”.

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