Hazelnut: What You Should Know

Hazelnuts are the seeds of the hazel bush. We eat them just like that, or in pastries, or in chocolate. People have been eating hazelnuts since the Stone Age.

Hazelnuts are more than half-fat, so they are very nutritious. You can also press oil from it and use it in the kitchen for frying. Protein and vitamins are also important in hazelnuts.

How do hazelnuts grow?

Hazelnuts grow on certain bushes. They are called “hazel bush” or “hazelnut bush”. They grow about five meters tall. Rarely do they grow as trees and then reach a height of ten meters. In biology, hazel is a genus. The nuts only grow on a certain type of plant, which, strictly speaking, is called “common hazel”.

The leaves are round and have small hairs on both sides. The fruit becomes one to five nuts. Such a nut is roughly oval and about fifteen millimeters wide and long.

Hazelnut bushes are found in many forests in Europe. Many animals enjoy nuts, such as mice, squirrels, or a bird called the jay.

People have bred new species of hazelnut bushes. Many more and larger nuts grow on these. In addition to Europe, they are often grown in Turkey. Three-quarters of all the nuts eaten in the world come from there.

The hazel bush is an early bloomer, which means it blooms as early as March and April. During this period, some people suffer from allergies. They inhale the pollen from the flowers, which closes the airways and reddens the eyes. Because of the hazel bush, people get the most hay fever.

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